Konark Silver Kada 2Konark Silver Kada 1
On sale

Konark Silver Kada

Rs. 16,114 Rs. 18,532
Jashn Silver Kada 2Jashn Silver Kada 1
On sale

Jashn Silver Kada

Rs. 14,406 Rs. 16,567
Patta Silver BanglesPatta Silver Bangles
On sale

Patta Silver Bangles

Rs. 7,976 Rs. 9,173
Srajam Silver BanglesSrajam Silver Bangles
On sale

Srajam Silver Bangles

Rs. 6,105 Rs. 7,021
Roshan Silver BanglesRoshan Silver Bangles
On sale

Roshan Silver Bangles

Rs. 3,306 Rs. 3,802
Ratna Silver BanglesRatna Silver Bangles
On sale

Ratna Silver Bangles

Rs. 5,185 Rs. 5,963
Panna Silver BanglesPanna Silver Bangles
On sale

Panna Silver Bangles

Rs. 7,258 Rs. 8,347
Rajputani Silver BanglesRajputani Silver Bangles
On sale

Rajputani Silver Bangles

Rs. 6,387 Rs. 7,346
Gokhru Silver BanglesGokhru Silver Bangles
On sale

Gokhru Silver Bangles

Rs. 6,387 Rs. 7,346
Chaukat Silver BanglesChaukat Silver Bangle 1
On sale

Chaukat Silver Bangles

Rs. 6,074 Rs. 6,986
Chaaru Silver BanglesChaaru Silver Bangles
On sale

Chaaru Silver Bangles

Rs. 6,675 Rs. 7,677
Nazaara Silver KadaNazaara Silver Kada
On sale

Nazaara Silver Kada

Rs. 6,612 Rs. 7,604
Kudrat Silver KadaKudrat Silver Kada
On sale

Kudrat Silver Kada

Rs. 9,500 Rs. 10,925
Guldasta Silver KadaGuldasta Silver Kada
On sale

Guldasta Silver Kada

Rs. 6,311 Rs. 7,258
Gajra Silver KadaGajra Silver Kada
On sale

Gajra Silver Kada

Rs. 8,244 Rs. 9,481
Dilkash Silver KadaDilkash Silver Kada
On sale

Dilkash Silver Kada

Rs. 7,976 Rs. 9,173


Bangles effortlessly exude a traditional and timeless elegance, making them a popular choice among fashionistas. Bangles have been in style for a long time, and even as new trends arise, they continue to appear on red carpets around the world. They have a rich history that sets them apart from other contemporary jewellery, and you’ll always find them outshining other gorgeous pieces you wear. Bangles on your hand, capture an ethereal charisma that adds radiance and poise to your stride. These graceful and classy elements gracing your wrists have trekked their way through history and found a comfortable spot in today’s Indian wardrobe, thus, elevating bangles on the altar as your ultimate accessory.

Silver Bangles for women are one of the most versatile jewellery accessories, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. If you want to enhance your jewellery collection, you may get sterling silver bangles online that are very affordable and have items that you can use for a variety of events. Bangles are the most simple and natural-looking accessories to wear, regardless of the occasion. They go with any outfit, formal or casual, and you’ll never have to waste time hunting for a piece that matches your outfit. Chunky cuffs, thin handcrafted clinchers, simple bangles encrusted with gems or beautiful kadas- the designs in silver bangles and kadas for women are all classic. Check out the timeless collection of silver bangles and kadas here.

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