Aaryamani Silver ChokerAaryamani Silver Choker
On sale

Aaryamani Silver Choker

Rs. 5,715 Rs. 6,573
Baagh Silver ChokerBaagh Silver Choker
On sale

Baagh Silver Choker

Rs. 9,753 Rs. 11,216
Chandra Silver ChokerChandra Silver Choker
On sale

Chandra Silver Choker

Rs. 8,302 Rs. 9,548
Matsa Silver ChokerMatsa Silver Choker
On sale

Matsa Silver Choker

Rs. 7,937 Rs. 9,128
Champa Silver ChokerChampa Silver Choker
On sale

Champa Silver Choker

Rs. 6,835 Rs. 7,861
Shresth Silver ChokerShresth Silver Choker
On sale

Shresth Silver Choker

Rs. 3,459 Rs. 3,978
Bhavnaa Silver ChokerBhavnaa Silver Choker
On sale

Bhavnaa Silver Choker

Rs. 5,861 Rs. 6,741
Meher Silver ChokerMeher Silver Choker
On sale

Meher Silver Choker

Rs. 7,164 Rs. 8,239
Shahee Silver ChokerShahee Silver Choker
On sale

Shahee Silver Choker

Rs. 6,349 Rs. 7,302
Raas Silver Choker SetRaas Silver Choker Set
On sale

Raas Silver Choker Set

Rs. 12,452 Rs. 14,320
Ghar Silver ChokerGhar Silver Choker
On sale

Ghar Silver Choker

Rs. 5,617 Rs. 6,460
Ritu Silver NecklaceRitu Silver Necklace
On sale

Ritu Silver Necklace

Rs. 20,835 Rs. 23,961
Aabha Silver ChokerAabha Silver Choker
On sale

Aabha Silver Choker

Rs. 4,707 Rs. 5,414
Aarush Silver ChokerAarush Silver Choker
On sale

Aarush Silver Choker

Rs. 5,642 Rs. 6,489
Rani Silver ChokerRani Silver Choker
On sale

Rani Silver Choker

Rs. 10,441 Rs. 12,008
Baagh Silver Choker with EarringsBaagh Silver Choker with Earrings
On sale

Baagh Silver Choker with Earrings

Rs. 11,232 Rs. 12,917


“Clothing or jewelry worn around the neck”- the simplest definition of a necklace in the dictionary; nevertheless, a necklace is much more than a simple attractive item that completes a trendy casual or sophisticated outfit. Necklaces worn close to your heart, connect their everlasting powers to your spirit and reflect your personality, your style of life, and even your mood. They accentuate your femininity, charm, elegance, and accent the delicate curves of your beautiful neck. When you have a diverse assortment of pure silver necklaces that differ in style, color, and designs, they can be your significant flex.

Necklaces were an important part of both men’s and women’s attire during the Middle Ages. However, with time as women wore necklaces along with other accessories, they became more of a feminine ornament. Handcrafted pure silver necklaces, being a valued part of our indigenous culture and history, signify wealth, power, association, status, levels of resources and talent, and a sense of identity and position. Be it silver chokers or pendant sets, these adornments that combine intimate tradition and contemporary modernity are perfect for every woman’s wardrobe. Adding them to your collection will help you accessorize all our outfits easily as necklaces can compliment any and all outfits. Check out the most chunky collection of silver pendants and chokers for women online here.

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