A Silver Story, Retold!

In a rapidly globalising world, we asked ourselves- what could we do to sustain the true craftsmanship of India? The answer was Dagina, where the craft comes alive in silver, to last forever.


Living in India, surrounded by various forms of craft, we could not help but fall in love with the idea of making it last a lifetime. Dagina is a celebration of craftsmanship, an ode to the skilled artisans and karigars of India who share their vast knowledge through our jewelry, which would not exist without their special touch. And any wearer would be honored to own a masterpiece that is born through these experienced hands.


Every piece of jewelry is a well-crafted story and so is the story of Dagina that started three generations ago. Paying homage to the family legacy of being goldsmiths, Harsh and Priyanka wanted to craft a sparkling new story in silver. Harsh’s innate knowledge about fine jewelry and Priyanka’s artistic sensibilities, melt together to form Dagina – a jewel of their dreams.

Priyanka Shah Mehta & Harsh Mehta

Founders of Dagina


The red dot in our logo is more than just a dot. It tells a story of every progressive Indian woman, with roots deep in culture and spirituality. The red dot is a constant reminder to see the world through your mind’s eye, and the white dots around it are believed to ward off all the evil thoughts and perceptions in the process. And just like the jewellery at Dagina, our logo with the red dot, reflects our rich history, our mastery in craft and the culture that we’re so proud of.


It takes an orchestra to create a symphony and we are looking for people to join in and sing along. After all, collaboration only makes us greater together. Be it brand collaborations, design collaborations or if you have some ideas to share, we are more than open to collaborate and do more.